Dealing With Addiction This Holiday Season – 5 Strategies To Get You Through!

The Holidays are approaching. Do you have a sober strategy in place? 

Dealing With Addiction during the HolidaysThe Holidays are a great time to catch up with loved ones, eat lots of delicious food and give thanks and reflect on the year past. However, if we are dealing with addiction we may find ourselves having the holiday blues. It’s natural to feel anxious or uncomfortable during the holidays but addicts have special challenges that even those closest to us might not understand. There are ways you can prepare for the often difficult season and protect the greatest gift we can give ourselves and those we love: Sobriety

Addicts face issues with our own unrealistic expectations. We tend to over-commit to others, strain ourselves financially, have unhealthy eating habits, give in to stress or family pressure, isolate, and use holidays to justify the use of drugs and alcohol. 

During the holidays, staying sober takes more than just willpower – it takes an actual plan. Here is a road map that will help you navigate dangerous social situations which may involve drinking or drugs. To help you through, we have put together some tips:

1. Have a Holiday plan in place – Be specific

dealing-with-addiction-New Years resolutionDo you have an exit strategy for your cousin’s get-together or your office party? Maybe consider a 12 Step meeting before or after an event, attend parties with sober people, and plan for transportation issues ahead of time. Make that phone call! Reach out to the network you have in recovery. If you don’t have a network, make a New Year’s resolutions now to start building a team of sober support.



2. Have an attitude of gratitude

It can be really difficult to think of things you are grateful for during a time when most people are celebrating but everything in your life seems to be going wrong. A bit of thankfulness each day can actually increase our happiness level and decreases depression. By developing an attitude of gratitude, we can feel more fulfilled and joyful each day. It’s is a regular habit to express appreciation for all different parts of life, no matter how small. The holiday season is a great time to start your own practice. 

3. Help others – Volunteer

Volunteering during the holidays gives us addicts a chance to feel useful. There are a million different ways to give back during this time of year so find one that speaks to you and get out there. Even if you feel fatigued or too insignificant to make a difference, you CAN be the encouragement that someone else truly needs!

4. Take care of yourself. You’re worth it!

dealing-with-addictionThe better you feel physically, the healthier you will be emotionally. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and spiritual neglect can all lead to struggle and/or relapse. Remember to be kind to yourself and try some quiet personal reflection. Even if you only have a few minutes a day, take some time to celebrate YOU and your potential this holiday season. 



5. If you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment, consider inpatient rehab during the holidays

This time of year may not seem like the best time to get help for a serious addiction but it’s actually the opposite. The stress and pressure of our day-to-day routine during this season is intense for addicts.

Giving yourself and your family the gift of sobriety is probably the best thing you can do to start a new happy year in 2019. sobriety

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