Day 1 Heroin Detox Continued..

heroin detox

This is me at the start of my full day 1 without heroin. I know i look like shit and sound like shit.. I took a lot for me to make this video because I felt like i was gonna vomit the whole time..I normally have very clear skin but when i start to detox i break out. Also for anyone quitting.. I did slow down my usage a day or two prior .. I didn’t taper off for weeks.. Just like 2-3 days before I quit. It wont make it any better for you to plan it out for weeks.. just don’t party to hard the day before you quit.. try to cut back like.. three days before you quit… do like a 3rd less each day… then you prepare you mind for it is all.. your body will detox the same way.. and you will be sick..but once your not sick.. you will really feel like you made it thru something… because trust me .. its a hard thing to pull thru on… but thats no excuse not to get clean.. its a horrible drug that has killed many of my friends. It killed one friend that was really close to me.. his daughter was only 11 days old when he died. and its not him who suffers now.. its his old lady and his little girl.. sad..

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18 Thoughts to “Day 1 Heroin Detox Continued..

  1. Happy Hart

    Well, R U still clean?… I’ve got clean on 6/9/14… Took me a while

  2. Peter Kruse

    Please keep it up. This is an inspiration. Thanks

  3. Ivy Edan

    I’m clean 6 years thank god I can’t ever withdrawl like that again

  4. admittedlyamused

    I’m a about 12-14 hours in it and I’m so glad you make these videos. It’s
    my biggest secret and I’m facing this alone and I need someone who’s going
    thru the same things I am. I feel okay right now been reading a lot of
    forums and watching a lot of videos to reassure me that I can do this. I’ve
    only been using for almost a month and a half and I need to catch myself
    before I get worst. This will be my 4th time in my life relapsing so I just
    need to get into the mental state of knowing I can get through this easier
    than most and to just strive for my life again. I commend you for making
    this change and I will keep you in my prayers and thank you for your videos
    because they’re a big part of the support I have that I don’t have in real
    life keep up the good work

  5. jay adams

    If you are alone and keep relapsing and having problem getting into a
    rehab-center and aren´t loaded with money I can recommend Thamkrabok in
    Thailand. Is a temple with monks (40% of them are ex-junkies) where you can
    do your detox for at least one week and up to 28 days. I recommend 28 days
    The program and staying is free, you only have to pay about 4 euros/day for
    three meals and it´s healthy thai food.
    It´s not for the weak one but if you make it you have a really big chance
    to change your life forever with the detox and the mental tools they give
    you there.
    You meditate, steambath, take their secret herb medicine, sweep or do some
    small chores for about 30min everyday just to keep your body going. Worst
    thing to do is staying in bed the whole day when you´re withdrawing from
    opiates even if it´s all that you want. Thamkrabok welcomes anyone with an
    addiction but since Thailand is a part of the golden triangle they´re more
    or less specialst on opiates and treat you like a brother/sister.
    There are some documentaries up on youtube about it, it´s not a five star
    hotel and the place is very basic though the nature is stunning and the
    temple is beautiful.
    So if you are alone out there and can´t get any help from your government
    but are ready to quit. Google Thamkrabuk, it will change your life if
    you´re willing too!!!

  6. SilverAngel

    I love u

  7. jason wynn

    @GanstaMsG Did you ever get clean? Tell your boyfriend to buy kratom! its
    legal and it takes away all the withdrawals and you’re welcome!

  8. Sam Soum

    Sorry to say that, but are you sure you’re detoxing from Heroin !!! i mean
    i went through Codeine and subutex withdrawal hell, and i wouldn’t smile on
    day 1 even if i won the lottery. But everone is different. Hope you’re
    still sober now.

  9. Todd Swan

    Anyone who is or has gone through this process stay strong you can beat
    this addiction I kicked heroin cold turkey after using every day for a year
    and a half and smoking at least half a gram a day I got clean for me and my
    son it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life but I did it with no
    help no other drugs to substitute for the heroin I hope every one stays
    strong and gets and stays sober good luck

  10. Lemonade 29

    i could never imagine going through detox and filming a video… honestly i
    question if these people are just high as fuck filming a video. Dont get me
    wrong these videos can be up lifting to see people make it .. ive seen some
    where they are just way too happy talking about their detox??

  11. AVA4444

    I envy you. I had a heroin addiction for several years shooting it. I quit
    cold turkey two different times and its the closest thing to hell you can
    get besides toture. The hot/cold sweats, anxiety, yawning, watery eyes,
    restless legs that hurt like hell, stomach pains, dry heeving and all that
    while not being able to sleep for one second for days! I would pray for god
    to let me sleep this pain off or please kill me. I finally went to a free
    rehab called salvation army after relapsing for a year. I quit cold turkey
    in that rehab for my second cold turkey detox. Was clean for 6 months while
    i was in there. I used one day and then left the rehab and went home.
    Started using for a couple months and then had to get my life in order so I
    started taking suboxone. Ive been on suboxone for the past 4 years and
    havent touched any other drug. No weed, no nothing. All I do is work hard
    and I have my life in order and right where I like it. Now I have a new
    problem I’m facing…cold turkey from suboxone is coming some day. They say
    the withdrawals from suboxone can last couple weeks to a month. A whole lot
    longer than heroin. What can I take to ease the withdrawls from suboxone?
    Theres nothing.

  12. Mike Mike

    So sad she such a beautiful girl she gave in and got high with her
    boyfriend.good luck

  13. xmikex902x

    RIP to her. Too bad you couldn’t pull through. Glad my gf and I did.

  14. Bill DeLuca

    my wife said she did it not to feel good, but to feel nothing. and she lost
    alot of weight

  15. Machiel Kruizenga

    It is easy to quit, but it is hard to stay clean.

  16. Kyle blake

    She shows no signs of withdraw i your nose would be pouring and that one
    sneeze is funny be more like 10 sneezes back to back u most either u dont
    have a real bad habit or your not withdrawing

  17. Paul Ghrist

    Just wanna say it’s great that you have the courage to share your personal
    story. As a former addict myself, it’s been 5 months since I last used and
    I still suffer withdrawl symptoms (PAWS) from the body ache that keeps me
    awake for days, to the inability to eat cause of nausea… at the peak of
    my addiction, I was snorting 35 + bags a day… I was even told by doctors
    that they didn’t know how I was still alive…

  18. Keep this going please, great job!

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