Going Cold Turkey 1

cold turkey withdrawal

Documentary following 3 people going cold turkey from heroin and/or methadone addiction

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11 Thoughts to “Going Cold Turkey 1

  1. Dizzy Viz

    Of course she feels ok after the first day off methadoen. It takes a few
    days for it to leave your system. She is not even close to out of the woods

  2. Maria Belaev

    good luck to sll of them. I hope they will succeed in everything, and have
    the best luck ever since….

  3. RanDall.P. Mc.Murphy

    please note every drug this poor girl took was crated in a pharmaceutical
    lab,….with the exception of cannabis. As an ex user i understand that the
    masses believe that weed was the catalyst…for me in 1988 it was cheaper
    to buy smack off the streets than good quality ganja…. i haven’t used
    class a drugs for 17 years….i still have the odd joint now and again, but
    not skunk as i believe that the potency of weed nowadays is too much for
    the casual user…this is the issue of the day…NB liberals

  4. hannah riley

    years ago I paid Dr beeny £1,500 for this treatment , I honestly think his
    place in Harrogate should be shut down! it was the most horrendous rip off
    experience I’ve ever had!

  5. Supermoto Spener

    are them doctors mad, the methadone withdraws last about 8 weeks not a week
    like a gear rattle, its wrong of them to tell her what they have told her,
    when they no how long she will be ill for and they tell her only a week
    poor girl she will be dying for weeks

  6. Donna P

    How, in the name of all that’s holy, can someone take 50 Valiums? omg!!!
    Talk about a serious tolerance.

  7. Stacey Walker

    Meth saved my life!! Yeah its hard to come off of, but that’s OUR choice,
    you can get off if you want too. Their not making us take it, they will
    detox you at the rate YOU like. For alot of you to blame it ALL on everyone
    else, as usual…..is childish. Take responsibility for yourself, you think
    if you were still using heroin you’d be better off!!?? WE are ADDICTS
    that’s WHY WE stay on for years!! Id love to see what our lives would have
    been without it. Ive had every bad experience happen to me, been to
    meetings & find to many are just lieing, big mouths, who are still using,
    then your always being tempted. I’ll stick with my family & counselor.

  8. Johnny NFB

    It makes me sick when the company informing the public in reference to many
    different issues this being one of the more serious addiction of any kind
    is a serious matter however we’re talking about an opiate addiction that is
    not so much that the drug is worse it’s the fact that the repercussions in
    terms of the physical with floral and the aftermath after the physical
    withdrawal is dominated. literally Connections in the brain are rewired
    this is not resolved with putting someone to sleep for several days to get
    over the physical no even today we quite frankly do not have a system in
    place to properly transition someone from the rewiring of the brain during
    the addiction FaZe to the partial reset that takes place after the body
    goes through the first 72 hours of brutality followed by several weeks of
    weakness loose stool depression and quite frankly zero ambition or energy.
    The anxiety level that hits most sick individuals on opioids is so extreme
    with most that they will not be able to literally sleep well for anywhere
    from 14 days two and some extreme cases 90 days. this is the other portion
    of the physical mechanism that must be reset. some individuals go through
    different types of detox depending not so much on the amount of Narcotics
    consumed but more in relation to the individuals genetic makeup. it is now
    known that in addition to the physical the brain goes through a phase even
    though all things physical seem to be all right it is the fight or flight
    system that activates when the person that is suffering from this serious
    illness even though they know they shouldn’t reason logic understanding and
    memories go out the window for last time I checked the data is 98.4% of
    individuals that cannot overcome the final stage of the final reset the
    actual brain issue. now anyone that is suffering from this horrible illness
    I can tell you that I understand. when I served in military we used to kick
    doors and all over Iraq but in Afghanistan is where I found the surprise of
    all surprises. I always wondered what this black substance that for all
    reasonable thoughts look like crap now what animal I could not tell you and
    one day I asked one of the villagers what is this black substance that I am
    finding in all the homes I am entering Through The Interpreter it was
    explained to me that this substance was black tar heroin. well I served for
    9 years 7 months 13 days 7 hours. how do I know such the precise time I
    died on a Blackhawk helicopter being transported from an IED explosion.
    however I found this black tar substance my fourth year in the service I
    will not give details for obvious reasons. started out of pure boredom and
    sometimes out of complete feeling of combat fatigue. I used to take the
    substance mix it in water and boy that took forever once the water dissolve
    the amount I put in I would allow that to drip into my nose. all I could
    tell you was as I know you are very aware it seemed like all my troubles
    faded away even if for a short time. there was not much time for nonsense
    because these Muslim demons were basically ghosts that would sneak up or
    create murder holes and shoot you or your brothers. so as time went on I
    found out that because of absolute poverty lack of food these individuals
    would use the black tar heroin to ingest for themselves and also would be
    given to their children to siphon the extreme hunger. so if I wasn’t
    knocking your door down and grabbing all the tar heroin you have I would
    offer you a deal you could not refuse which basically was I will give you 5
    – 10 bars of Three Musketeers milky Way’s whatever I had in exchange for
    the heroin I would also give them money now in Afghanistan 410 US dollars
    they would hand you approximately 20 grams. so as you could imagine boys
    and girls I was doing a lot of the H-Town as I called it. you think that
    only the Vietnam Vets came back heroin addicts I got news for you they just
    hide it better. now when I was finally out of the service prior to coming
    home spent two months in Germany for medical reasons once released from the
    hospital 2 months later also had a massive amount of opiate pills
    prescribed. now I’ve been back for I say coming up on for years now that
    being said I had to make a decision when I came back here it was fairly
    evident I could no longer take doors down and find black tar heroin to take
    so what I had to do was make a decision was I going to get out cold turkey
    because really that is the only option as a veteran I can only go to the
    VA. now I had to come to a decision on ultimately what was I going to do
    clean up or not that in itself that thought process was so much easier for
    my life once the decision was made that no I choose to use heroin and I
    choose to live that way now I am not one of these idiots that the more I
    have the more I put in my vein I control that as I control my finances so
    for instance how much can I afford? well let me line it up to you this way
    I have three properties to which or condos one house that I live in with my
    two children 3 dogs 1 cat and of course my wife. I did the financially
    responsible thing to do and figured out realistically how much could I
    afford daily and that number is $60 once I came to the arrival of what the
    maximum amount I can throw away on my habit was that released my mind
    tremendously because no longer. so no longer would one day I would use 60
    and another day I would use a hundred and fifty that made no sense so now
    it is under control and in all actuality sometimes the soap is better than
    others as we all know and I know when it is not that good $60 will hold me
    until the following day when it is good then I only need to do 20 or $30
    this is key for you to be able to manage yourself no one is going to save
    you the government for sure is not going to save you and all these
    so-called want to help you organizations they only want money just like all
    the insurance companies so put that in your mind clearly it’s all up to you
    make the decision Tough Enough you’re either going to carry on and be
    normal or you’re going to stop and try to be normal it is one or the other
    there is no in-between no Middle Road my decision was to continue and to
    date it has gone very smoothly I am employed full-time I am a regional
    manager nobody is the wiser to what I am doing and I pay extra so it is
    brought to wear I want for my convenience I do not go to any drug spots to
    go and cop it buy it whatever you want to call it I will pay someone
    whether it is a n***** or a vagrant on the street or it is a contact this
    my friends is critical that you do not get caught up at a drug hole buying.
    here is another critical part of the puzzle you have to buy syringes by the
    case. and I don’t mean the little box that comes with several hundred no I
    mean the industrial use box that is shipped to the pharmacies this is the
    Box you have to purchase because you cannot use the same syringe more than
    once. now you’re asking why simple I don’t want track marks Brand New
    syringes is not something you can just ignore because you’re trying to save
    a few pennies like a moron and then everyone can see that you have airliner
    runways up and down all over the place. now if you can not afford these
    things then the best thing you do is tie yourself to the toilet because
    you’re going to need it and just give up the nonsense. final thing you
    cannot send someone every day to go get something for you that purchase
    must be done one day out of the week because every time you create an
    interaction you open yourself up to possible arrest anyway I hope this was
    helpful. oh and by the way most of these videos are done by people that are
    totally ignorant so don’t trust

  9. Jill Jenkins

    Wish I had an opportunity like this. 27 years now. 8 years injecting and
    the last 19 smoking

  10. juan martin iglesias

    there a lot of people who need opiates the best pain killer and
    antidpresant and in pure state is even good for hell im saying this cause
    ive takink opiates 40 years and im 70 tears now and in great shape even now
    i do hard exercises i feel in the obligation to say god bless opiates yher
    saved my life form the worst hell in the earth……..prohibition make all
    the bad consequences for adulterations,mafias ,crimes and overdoses.

  11. Roxanne Queenbee

    this is in no way cold Turkey!!!!!

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